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Brasil Original Stones
PBA Stones upholds and participates in the Brazil Stones Original brand, concept created by Abirochas with support from ApexBrasil expressing the notion of a country contemplated with exceptional mineral wealth, fantastic scenery and cheerful and friendly people. Brazil Original Stones’ products are not  fruits of an assembly line, where thousands of identical pieces are made. Each slab is unique, and this is what makes it so valuable.

Launched in 2012, the sectorial brand aims to work marketing activities and international promotion of Brazilian stone sector, reflecting positive results in positioning the business segment in the international market. PBA Stones was involved from the beginning of creation of the concept in cooperation with the entities.

The Brazilian industry of ornamental stones obtained important achievements in the international market, both as regards the quantity and quality of the product in exports, which have evolved from US$ 200 million to US$ 1 billion over the 2000s. Polished slabs’ sales were exceeded and the Brazilian brand settled in finished and semi-finished products that conquer all five continents.

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